Limo Bus Sydney

Races Tour Party Bus Hire


What a better way to travel to the “sport of kings” than a luxury limo bus!

Are you looking for an exciting day at the races? Why not hire a party bus, and take your party on the road! If you are one of those people who enjoy a good time, and a good event, then our races tour is a great choice. We guarantee you, and your fabulous entourage will enjoy thoroughbred racing in all of its glory, and let’s not forget the fashion! With something for everyone, our races tour is an opportunity for you and your friends to enjoy a day out at the races, whilst having a party on the way there, and on the way home. We offer party bus hire specifically for this type of event.

At Limo Bus Sydney, we are all about helping you party better, and making your experience unforgettable. We can do that by providing you with the following services:


– We’ll pick you up in our limo bus at an agreed location, drive you to the races, and then we pick you up, and drive you back!
– We provide you with a complimentary case of beer and 2 bottles of champagne for your forward journey. As we said, we like to help you party! You’re welcome!
– You provide us with your choice of music to be played on the bus, because we want to ensure your party experience is the best it can possibly be!
– To take advantage of our limo bus, we require a minimum of 10 people, and a maximum of 40 people per bus.


So what’s the cost you ask?

Our costs are dependent on the location of the racecourse, and the amount of people you want on your party bus. It is also important to note, that we require a bond to be paid prior to the rental. For our races tour, we can deliver you to Randwick Racecourse and Rosehill Racecourse.

– Randwick Racecourse -$44 per person.
– Rosehill Racecourse – $55 per person.