Limo Bus Sydney



Frequently Asked Questions



Q               Can I organise my own tour?

A               Yes we can tailor any tour or party, we are always interested in new ideas and adventures, just ask


Q              Do I need to pay a deposit?

A               Yes, we only have one Limo Bus, so as you can imagine it is in high demand, we require a non-refundable deposit of 25% to secure your booking


Q              Is my deposit returnable?

A               No, if you cancel your booking we can’t refund your deposit, as we are losing income.  However, you are not liable for the balance. In some special circumstances we may be able to reschedule your booking at a later date depending on availability


Q              How many people can you carry?

A               We are licensed to carry 40 people.  We can cater for a small private party of 6; however the price per person will increase. Please contact the office or fill in the enquiry form, and we will call to discuss your requirements and cost


Q              Do you have wheelchair access?

A               Unfortunately not


Q              Is there a bond required?

A               Yes a bond of $1000 is required. The bond may increase for Bucks & Hens nights to $2,000. Your bond is fully refunded if there is no damage to the bus at the end of the experience.


Q              Can we drink on the bus?

A               Yes, all we ask is that you are sensible and respect the bus. We are however governed by the code of conduct set by the Liquor & Gaming Regulator, so no under 18’s will be served alcohol and anyone too heavily intoxicated with be cut off. If there is undesirable behaviour the person/s will be removed from the bus and placed in a taxi, at your own expense.


Q              Can we bring our own alcohol?

A               Yes you are able to, but we ask that you contact the office or note on the enquiry form, so that we can discuss further with you.


Q              Do we need ice for our alcohol?

A               No, we will provide ice on all trips where you have discussed your requirements with us. We will also be providing complimentary bottles of water with every package


Q              Can we smoke on the bus?

A               No you are not able to smoke on the bus.  If you need to have a cigarette, please discuss with the driver who will find a suitable place to stop.


Q              Is there a toilet on the bus?

A               No there is not a toilet. If you need to stop, please discuss with the driver and he can usually find a suitable place to stop to use public amenities


Q              Can we bring our own music?

A               Yes of course, this is encouraged, so that you can make use of our state of the art sound system. If not we have a selection of music.


Q              Can we bring a DVD?

A               Yes we encourage you to bring your own DVD’s to make it a more tailored event


Q              Can we decorate the bus for special occasions?

A               Yes within reason, and we are happy to provide ribbons and decorations for weddings. If you require decorations or wish to decorate the bus, please contact the office, or note on the enquiry form your request.


Q              Is red carpet available?

A               Yes if required, please contact the office or note on the enquiry form of this request


Q              What if we go over time?

A               If you happen to go over time, there is a charge. The charge prior to midnight is $330 per hour and after midnight $550 per hour.  This charge will be deducted from your bond.


Q              What is the damage policy?

A               We encourage people to act responsibly and follow the guidelines given when entering the bus. Of course we encourage a fun trip, however this does not extend to breakages and damage to any part of the bus

Examples of Damages costs are:

Broken Window                                    $1,000

Broken TV Screen               $1,500

Damaged Seat                     $1,000

Throwing up                          $300

Prices may vary depending on the availability and costs of parts to replace